The most comprehensive supplement for senior dogs

Our Senior Support formula is specially formulated to enhance the well-being of aging dogs. It is a fully comprehensive approach featuring 63 ingredients in their optimal forms and potency, science-backed to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It focuses on improving joint function and comfort, strengthening the immune system, and promoting gut health. It's the most comprehensive dog supplement ever made, created to give you more years with them.

Reclaim your dog's mobility by improving their joint health and comfort

Enhance their vitality

Eliminate any discomfort or inflammation

Keep them thriving and healthy with full body support including ingredients for:

  • Gut Health

  • Longevity

  • Cognition and Mood

Rated 5/5 from 25 reviews

What are the 5 essential benefits of this senior support formula?

Experience the Arterra difference


Improves mobility

Our Proprietary Joint Support and Comfort Blend™ is packed with 11 ingredients to promote optimal joint lubrication, reduce inflammation, and aid in muscle recovery, ensuring your senior dog maintains mobility and comfort. They'll regain some mobility and flexibility!


Alleviates joint discomfort

This supplement contains strong ingredients made specifically for joint-related conditions, like bone broth-derived Type II Collagen, Boswellia Serrata and Hyaluronic Acid, which are game-changers for soothing joints and reducing discomfort. This is particularly beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia. Your dog can enjoy greater freedom and agility in their everyday activities again.


Supports bone longevity and strength

Designed to aid, prevent and reverse the wear and tear on bones, muscles and joints. Regular use of this supplement helps maintain adequate nutritional density in your dog. Which means more leaps and runs!


Optimizes Cognition and Mood

As well as optimizing joints and mobility, Arterra's comprehensive blend also employs powerful ingredients known to boost your dog's entire body, including cognitive clarity, brain health, and promoting calmness. It ensures your senior dog navigates their elder years with a sharp mind and balanced temperament.


And much more!

All of that, plus immune support, gut health, longevity and adaptogens, all in one daily dose.

Arterra is the #1 most comprehensive dog supplement ever created. And it's here for those that want more years with their dogs.

Dog Owners Love Arterra!

Arterra's Senior Support is the world’s most powerful supplement for maintaining the health and function of your dog's hips and joints, essential for their mobility and quality of life in their senior years.


The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

Rated 5/5 from 25 reviews

A Game Changer!

It’s always been a hassle to buy and feed my dog, Birdie, a cocktail of different supplements. This formula allows me to just add one scoop to her wet food and call it a day. What a game changer! Love that it follows the Forever Dog recommended list of supplements, too!

- Elsa

10/10 definitely recommend

My dogs love their supplement blend. It adds extra flavor to their dog food and makes meal time more exciting for them. 10/10 definitely recommend.

- Aleka Zimme

They can’t get enough of the taste

Arterra gives me a peace of mind that my dogs get all the nutrients they need for healthy aging in easy convenient scoops. I love that it can act as a food topper, vs. the traditional pill form which my dogs hate. They can’t get enough of the taste and clean their bowls every time!

- Vu Dang

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