Our Team

For years we have had a singular focus: to help our best friends live their best lives. Now with our products we have delivered on our goal by an order of magnitude. Meet the team responsible...

Founder, CEO

Jonathan Willbanks

Jonathan Willbanks, an entrepreneur at heart, biohacker by passion, and devoted dog dad to Ripley (2) and Max (10), is a force of innovation in pet wellness and longevity. His founding of the Inc. 500-ranked agency Cartograph marks just one highlight in a 17-year career that spans e-commerce and product management, including pioneering work with General Electric's first in-house Amazon team and the development of bestselling products distributed nationally. Jonathan’s deep commitment to improving pet health reflects in his work, driven by a mission to redefine standards in pet healthcare through entrepreneurial innovation. With a focus on ensuring that dogs like Ripley and Max, and indeed all pets, benefit from advancements in care, Jonathan’s blend of professional acumen and genuine love for animals guides his quest to transform pet wellness, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship with a purpose to make a lasting difference in the lives of pets and their families.

Co-Founder, COO

Matthew Graham

Matthew Graham, serving as Arterra's Chief Operations Officer, expertly marries his operational acumen with a profound passion for pet wellness, steering the company's mission to promote pet longevity and health. His entrepreneurial journey, spanning two decades, has been marked by a laser focus on refining operations and cultivating high-performance teams, elements crucial to Arterra's exponential growth and operational efficiency. His tenure at Apple, where he led pivotal development initiatives, underscored his adeptness in managing intricate projects and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Matthew's personal life as a caring dog dad to two Miniature Schnauzers, Gordon and Bullock, inspires his drive to elevate the standard of pet care. Through his leadership, Arterra is not just creating products but is also setting new benchmarks in operational excellence and supply chain management to ensure that pets can lead healthier, more vibrant lives.


Maria Peevey

As Arterra Pet Science's Chief Marketing Officer, Maria Peevey merges her profound passion for pets with her extensive expertise in building consumer brands to spearhead our marketing and growth initiatives. Maria has a history of creating and nurturing brands that resonate deeply with pet owners. Having developed over 10 brands and numerous products for the DTC market and leading retailers like Target and Petco, Maria's approach is fueled by a genuine love for animals and a commitment to enhancing pet care. At Arterra, she applies her wealth of knowledge and innovation to promote a world where pets and their families enjoy the highest standards of well-being, guiding our brand towards new heights with her leadership and unwavering dedication to the pet community. She has a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Lani.

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